On the propriety of punching Nazi’s

This has turned into a bit of a travel blog, well mostly because we travel a lot 🙂 But as we seem to be going through a resurgence in fascism (aka the alt.right) at the moment here’s a timely piece on “How to deal with Nazi’s“. The bottom line with these sort of tossers is that you don’t have to treat them or their opinions with tolerance. Continue reading On the propriety of punching Nazi’s

Versailles (Part IV) De par la Reine


The English Garden of Marie Antoinette

“Here I put a comma, there, when it’s necessary to cut the view, I put a parenthesis; there I end it with a period and start on another theme.”,” so said Capability Brown that great landscape architect of the 18th century.

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The Past That Never Was…

When I was a wee small bairn, I remember reading about the legend of Russian troops, sent by the Tsar to help the British,  who having landed at Aberdeen (or Leith) were seen travelling by troop train to Dover. What actually, well probably, happened was in September of 1914 Scottish troops from the shire of Ross were overheard talking in gaelic on a London bound … Continue reading The Past That Never Was…

Some Interesting News

One can never tell what’s round the next corner of your life. At the moment I’m waiting for a cardio echo sound (next tuesday) to see if I have Marfans, aortic dissection is one of the cheerier possibilities of that genetic illness. Of course Sunday next I’m also getting married to my Russian Doctor. So this coming week looks like shaping up to be a fairly … Continue reading Some Interesting News

The Top Ten Weather Events of 2011

Well it’s official, NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has awarded Australia third place in their top ten of globally significant climate/weather events.

If you’re wondering what, ‘Australia is the most vulnerable first world country when it comes to climate change’ really means, getting into NOAA’s top ten list on a regular basis would be it…

There’s more from NOAA below the cut.

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