Auckland vulcanis redux

Rome might have its seven hills but Auckland is built on the bones of fifty or so volcanoes. Oh, and the volcanic field is still active which in turn means that eventually it’s going to rumble in to life again with predictably bad consequences. Still it’s not quite as bad as what might happen if the Taupo super volcano kicks off… 🙂

That warning having been delivered, if you’d like a great and quirky way to see Auckland I recommend the Auckland Volcano tour. Hike up to the top of Mt. Eden, Mangere Mountain, Mt. Wellington, and One Tree Hill and check out the views from the crater rims. The whole tour takes about 5 hours. And in case you’re thinking this is just a geology lecture, people (the Maori) have been living around these volcanoes for a long time so the tour is about the history of the people and the land as much as it is about vulcanology.