On the edge of space

Take the metro to the VDNkh station, walk outside and across the street and this is what you see, the Monument to the Conquerors of Space erected in 1964. While getting to the moon was one hell of an achievement for the United States, my affection is still for the Russian space program and what they achieved with determination, ingenuity and bravery. Had things gone just a little differently, well maybe … Continue reading On the edge of space

The Kremlin

Kazan cathedral

Day two and an earlier start thanks to setting the alarm and figuring out where the coffee filters were. Also found out that if you really want to cool the kitchen down quickly just open the window a crack in the early morning of a Russian winter, works a treat, although G is convinced I’ll catch my death from the draft. After breakfast we headed out and took the metro to Red Square, arriving at around 10am where we queued at the ticket office in Alexandrovsky Gardens. My first queue in the snow, which I believe is traditional in these parts. Then with Armoury tickets in hand it was a quick walk through the Borovitskaya Tower entrance, along the wall of the Armoury to join another amiable queue for half an hour, still snowing. Finally we got inside dropped our jackets in the cloak room, donned the white plastic overshoes, and ascended the stairs to the Armoury.  Continue reading “The Kremlin”

Red square, Boyars and Bulgakov

St Basil

On foot, in Moscow, in winter…

We woke, late, and headed out into the Moscow morning, it’s a cool day but not unusually so at about -10 C with snow falling in big fat flakes. Our staring point for the day is, you guessed it, Red Square. But after that our trail gets a little more eclectic.  Continue reading “Red square, Boyars and Bulgakov”

Plains, trains and the Moscow metro

Honk Kong

And a New Year in Russia (2013)

The day after new years day I’m sitting in Hong Kong airport transit lounge at four in the morning waiting for the connecting Aeroflot flight to Moscow, big M4 parka in tow. I have  my visa, all other paperwork is in order and G is meeting me at the airport. Purpose of visit? Why to visit my parents in-law and for G to show me her home. First time to Russia, it’s a little exciting, besides which there’s the prospect of the central naval museum in St Petersburg. Continue reading “Plains, trains and the Moscow metro”