The last day

Chelyabinsk, park, adjacent to the University

Woke up on our last morning really early, in fact early enough to catch G’s father in the kitchen on his way off to work, with the sodium lights still illuminating the empty snow filled pre-dawn streets. Our run of good brilliant weather continued with a dawn of clear blue skies, so naturally it was off to the University sports centre to hire a couple of cross country skies… Continue reading “The last day”

Ice Village

In the evening we visited Olga and Sasha, childhood friends of Galina, for dinner at their apartment.  One thing I’ve noticed about Russian apartments is that there’s just enough room to swing a cat as long as the cat doesn’t mind having some nasty clips around the head. Olga, Sasha, and Katya their daughter are all squeezed into what we’d call a one bedroom apartment back in Australia. Sasha … Continue reading Ice Village

Chelyabinsk, or is that Tankograd?

Back in the day, Chelyabinsk was one of, if not, the most important tank manufacturing sites in wartime Russia, to the point where the city ended up being nicknamed Tankograd. The monument below is on Lenin prospect in the tank factory district, where unsurprisingly they still make tanks, along with tractors. The monument is a real tank the model IS 3, nicknamed the pike, which was finished just in … Continue reading Chelyabinsk, or is that Tankograd?

Ancient Mayans, east of the Urals

OK, so what do you do on your second day in Chelyabinsk? Why walk through a gateway to the future of course. 🙂 Well more precisely walk through an ice replica of the ancient Mayan gate to the future at Labna on the Yucatan Peninsula. As to the gate there’s a few simple rules, first make a wish, second hit the tambourine on the way through and third walk through … Continue reading Ancient Mayans, east of the Urals

Chelyabinsk, it’s more than you think

So what do you do when you’ve just landed in Chelyabinsk on Christmas Eve? Answer, after supper with the parents (and the shape of dinners to come) walk around to the hospital chapel for midnight mass. Mass had actually finished so G and Kira (G’s sister) lit some candles and we headed home to bed. In the morning it was clear blue skies and -14 C so after breakfast we … Continue reading Chelyabinsk, it’s more than you think