To Kyoto by Shinkasen

Kyoto city of a thousand temples, pavilions, gardens and stately palaces, all surrounded by the surging froth of  modern Japan. Behold, the golden layer cake of Kinka.[record scratch…freeze frame ]

You’re probably wondering how we got here aren’t you… Let’s wind the tape back a little to see how we got here shall we? Dateline Narita International airport, situated in Chiba prefecture to the east of Tokyo. Our intrepid travellers arrive on their way to Yokohama via a flying visit to Kyoto. As it turns out the easiest way to Tokyo station and the Shinkasen connection to Kyoto is simply to take the Narita express (takes about an hour) delivering you to a basement platform in Tokyo central. You do need to book your seats for the Shinkasen and NEX trains at Narita. We left the Narita express at Tokyo station trundled upstairs to the ground concourse and the transfer gate to the Tokaido Shinkansen to Kyoto. All the lines are colour coded (Tokaido Shinkasen a helpful blue) and signed in english. Safely boarded on the Shinkasen it was kick back and enjoy riding the bullet in all it’s retro-futuristic glory as the Japanese countryside unwinds around us and we fall into an alternate future called Japan.

Downtown Kyoto, so far, so moderne...

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