The Sound of Piopiotahi

Very Hebridean

Taking our leave of the Routeburn we picked up our bus at 11 from the Divide Shelter car park and kicked back for a couple of hours travel not requiring ou legs.We drew some curious looks from the other passengers given our slightly travel stained appearance. 

Even getting to Piopiotahi/Milford is dramatic, the road winds up through the mountain valley past the avalanche gates at Marians corner weaving up towards the Homer tunnel, a raw one lane 1.2 km long tunnel drilled through the side of the mountain. And when I say raw I mean raw, you have to put the windscreen wipers on when the water from subterranean streams comes spattering out of the roof of the one lane tunnel.

We ended up at the terminal building where we caught our tour boat for a two hour tour trip down the sound in all its moody, misty grandeur. The good doctor has been here when it’s sunny and was a little disappointed for me, given it was raining and all, but hey! my family hail from Scotland originally so I quite liked all the mist shrouded brooding ambience of the sound. This is, after all, where the kraken (or at least Architeuthis) is supposed to hang out. 

After all that it was back to Queenstown and then onto Auckland, and a unique birthday present. 🙂 

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