Day eight: Tumbling down

Millennium camp, the last morning

Millennium camp, last day. Awoke to find that the towel I’d left outside had frozen solid so this morning’s wash was a little brisk. The peak is behind us now, so it’s disbursing of the tips to the porters and getting ourselves together for the last hike down the mountain to the Mweka gate.

The path is a bit better now, yesterday’s route from Barafu down to Millennium was just about as bad as it gets, so it’s a long slow steady descent through the giant heather and protea’s until we hit the clouds forest. The humidity and warmth takes a bit of getting used to again after the dry cold of the upper mountain. Then all of a sudden one of our party collapses, after a few tense moments it turns out it’s just a regular faint so it’s onwards to the Mweka gate. The last sign in, for certificates, lunch and then we’re on the road back to Moshi. Showers, flushing toilets and cold beer await. 🙂

Our two man home away from home

The chaps who got us there

Proteas, all of a sudden a little homesick

Proteas, Kilimanjaro

Looking out across the parallel ridge lines covered in giant heather


The Kilimanjaro medevac express

Back into the cloud forest



Lower reaches of the forest

A mole, or is it a vole?

The gate is in sight!

The climb is officially over

Moshi again

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