Day Six: Barafu camp

Evening at Barafu, summit night eve

Day six is another clear morning, so it’s off on the trail to Barafu camp (4662m). The landscape is drier now and dustier as we head north easterly on a steady upwards slope until we hit an easterly running valley that takes to the foot of the ridge on which Barafu camp sits, a final (damn exhausting) scramble and we’re at Barafu.

The camp is teaming with climbers and we’re packed in amongst everyone. The guides give us the standard warning about theft of possessions and then it’s time to sort out the gear for the night ascent. No water for bathing here, just enough for our water bottles. Standing up you’re immediately winded by the altitude, so of course to get to the pit toilets you have to climb over the ridge line to the other side, and yes they are pretty awful. After a meal of which I choked down something I can’t remember it’s time to get a couple of hours sleep if we can before the ascent.

So whose bright idea was this again? Oh yeah…

Distance travelled: 1 km Altitude gained: 201 m

The morning gear collection, Karanga campsite

Karanga camp, looking back across the Karanga valley

Yep, there it is, not getting any smaller either

Barafu ranger station, signing in

Barafu campsite, as dreary as it looks


The summit from our campsite

Even the toilets have great views here


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