Day four: To the Lava towers



Woke up this morning with frost on the ground, today we’ll be leaving the mountain heath and heading up into the alpine desert and the Lava towers at 4627m. As we’re not taking the Western breach route we’ll then head down again through the Barranco valley to Barranco camp. We’re doing the climb high, sleep low thing today.

A long solid slog up the hill takes us to the junction of the Machame route and all of a sudden there’s people. I’m frankly struggling, practicing my rest step technique on the steep parts and taking every opportunity to recover on the flatter parts. G, god bless her woolie mountain socks, powers along with no outwardly discernible signs of distress. As we’re climbing the mist and cloud start to roll in until we’re walking through a thick mountain fog with the landmarks appearing and disappearing through rents and tatters in the flying mist.

Finally we arrive at the Lava towers, and break for lunch. The bad news is that it’s the same lunch as before with a deep, deep, deep fried chicken as the centre piece. The good news is I figured out that to eat it you need to peel way the outer oil rendered parts to find a little bit of edible chicken around the bone. Not much appetite, altitude again. After lunch we’ll head down the Barranco valley to our camp, looking forward to it.

Frost in the morning at Shira huts, from here it gets colder still

Day four, starting the day

Fairly self explanatory


Cloudscape, there will be mist

Lichen and moss fields

In the land of lichen

The lava towers

G at the lava towers



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