Shanghai by maglev


Shanghai airport has a maglev

When the plane circles into land at Shanghai airport in the morning light you look out the window and what strikes you as you descend is the vast yellow brown cloud, the poisonous fog bank that hangs over the industrial regions of China. 

So trying not to breath to deep, and as we had a few hours between flights, we decided to take a ride on the Maglev into Pudong, it goes rather fast as it turns out. 🙂 

Spoiler alert, about half way along you go past the return maglev heading the other way with a near sonic boom that rattles your teeth. Oh and if the brakes fail in Pudong your train is going to go straight through the terminal fly across a roadway and into the second story of the building opposite, nope no buffers…


The mag train arrives.


Oh the insanity! Any faster and we’ll start going back in time. 🙂

Pudong terminal

Pudong terminal, there’s a little museum in the bottom of the terminal that’s worth ten minutes of your time.

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