South to Tammisaari

The stone men of Helsinki railway station

Leaving Tampere and the good Doctor.* I headed back to Helsinki by train to meet up with an old chum from the Navy at Pullman’s bar which is located upstairs in the central station. Pullman’s is a nice place to catch up with an old friend, a comfortable old school decor and a small but decent selection of beers on tap (try the London Pride) make it very easy to while a way an hour or so in conversation. Then it was off down the freeway to Tammisaari where Rob (my friend) and Outi (his wife) have their place.

And what an awesome place, a main house (18th century I think) plus at the bottom of the garden an old factory building turned into a summer restaurant. All within a stone throw of the water. The home cooking, and general care was very welcome as I’d come down with a head cold of epic proportions, yeah travel is always good when your sick.

But after much wine, excellent conversation, several very good meals and taking the dog’s for a night run on the sea ice, where I managed to slide out when cornering to quickly, it was all too soon time to head back to Helsinki, to meet up with G for dinner. Then a final lift to our hotel, and we reluctantly took our leave. Thanks Rob and Outi for all your hospitality. 🙂

Next stop Tallinn…

*G’s business meetings unfortunately extended for a couple of days.


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