Welcome to Moomin Valley



Yeah all right you’ve got me, this whole trip was just an excuse to visit Moominvalley. Well more precisely the Moominvalley museum in Tampere dedicated to the works of Tove Jannson. Like y’know Moomins! Oh alright, I’ll explain a little more, the Moomins and their friends are a cast of fantastical characters that populate the novels of the Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jannson. Moomintrolls are distantly related to trolls, but prefer to live in houses rather than behind stoves or under bridges. The series charts the adventures of Moomintroll his family and friends (my favourite is Snufkin the chap sitting in the tree in the illustration below with his trademark and much beloved hat) as they deal with everything from floods to comets. If you have a young reader in the house with a taste for the fantastical then I recommend the Moomins series unreservedly.

The museum itself has miniatures of various scenes from the books, such as the Moominhouse (a square house, heresy!) and many illustrations by Tove Jannsen, along with the Moomins comic strip. If you grow up with the Moomins then it’s definitely worth the visit. I mean where else can you buy a Moomin tie? I hasten to add that I also bought a silk scarf for G, who was off at Sandvik for a business meeting while I was wandering.

So what else does Tampere have to offer? Lets see…

Finn Family Moomintrol, the first book in the saga that I read. (Image source:

The first book in the saga that I read. (Image source: Wikipedia, reused under fair use)

One of the many original illustrations by Tove Jannsen.

One of the many original illustrations by Tove Jannson. Salome the little creep from Moominland Midwinter I think.

The Moomins cartoon series

The Moomins cartoon series, this panel depicts the perilous journey (using stilts) across the dried up sea bed in Comet In Moominland, atmospheric and unsettling as all good end of the world tales should be 🙂

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