The Lenin museum


V.I.L is in da’ house

And just when you thought that Tampere couldn’t get more interesting it’s a flying visit to the Lenin Museum. ‘Visit’, said the invitation on their website, so I did.

The museum is located in the Tampere workers where (naturally) underground meetings of the RSDLP were held back in the day. Oh and it was also here, in 1906, that Lenin met Stalin for the first time. All wry comments aside this is definitely a museum worth visiting if you have the time and interest, there’s an enormous amount of material jammed into a very small museum and you get more of a feel for the man in his times. I’m left wondering after my visit whether in the dark watches of the night Lenin was as  certain of eventual victory as he let on.


V.I.L in a rare moment of relaxation, with that signature goatee growing back.


Original letters from Lenin.


And of course V.I.L in suitably heroic mode, oh and check out the guys behind him. 🙂

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