Ancient Mayans, east of the Urals


OK, so what do you do on your second day in Chelyabinsk?

Why walk through a gateway to the future of course. 🙂 Well more precisely walk through an ice replica of the ancient Mayan gate to the future at Labna on the Yucatan Peninsula. As to the gate there’s a few simple rules, first make a wish, second hit the tambourine on the way through and third walk through in the right direction. Of course if you walk through in the wrong direction…

After (hopefully) navigating into the future, rather than marooning ourselves somewhere in the 1980’s we walked down Kirovka boulevard, where you’ll find a series of life size statues of the inhabitants from various historical era’s. The other thing to note is that there are still some wonderful old wood and brick buildings left, I kind of hope they don’t pull them all down which is what usually happens in city centres. After stoping briefly at the opera house to see whether there was anything on of interest (there wasn’t) we went off to visit the apartment where G grew up and have afternoon tea with a friend of the family. Finishing up the day with a walk in the forest in the winter dark, cold and very clear.

One ice version of a Mayan religious gateway coming up
One ice version of a Mayan religious gateway coming up
Beautifully carved timber building in the zodchestvo style
Beautifully carved timber building in the zodchestvo style
Little boy with camel
Little boy with camel, and G in a rather warm fur lined coat. By now G had figured out that layering might be great trekking in Nepal, but it sucks mightily if you’re going in and out of buildings every five minutes. Hence the very warm old school coat.
Old style streetscape
Old style streetscape
Yep more statues alon Kirovka.
Yep more statues along Kirovka…and hey, is that statue getting fresh with G?
The eternal flame, burning in the snow
The eternal flame of remembrance, burning in the snow. The memorial commemorates the tank crews of the WWII Urals Volunteer Tank Corps who mustered in at Chelyabinsk and ended their campaign in Prague, a hell of a ride.
Kurchatove monument by night
Kurchatove monument by night
Walking along the park trails.
Walking along the park trails in the winter dark

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