Land in the Sea

Tanah Lot at sundown, from the southern headland

The end of our trip

Last day, last evening and we were on our way to our last stop, Pura Tanah Lot, for the sunset and hopefully a cold drink (or two). Once we’d payed the entry fee and run the gauntlet of the tourist market, selling the usual touristy tat, we passed through a set of pillars into the temple proper mixing in with the pilgrims and other travellers. The temple is one of the seven sea temples that protect Bali, each is placed so that the next is in view.

A cool wind off the ocean kept the tropical humidity at bay as we walked around the complex, wandering down to the smaller temple Batu Balong just to the north, which you can reach via a walk out across a natural rock arch, definitely no hand rails. After a look around we found a small bar on the headland and sat ourselves down to wait for sunset, this is also where the couple of cold beers made an appearance. After taking the obligatory sunset pictures, and yes this is one of the most photographed sites in Bali, and yes it is worth it, we got our guide and car and headed to the airport for the flight home.


Rock caves

The rock caves and weird twisted pillars underneath the temple


My travelling companion, the good doctor

Batu Bolong, a smaller temple just to the north



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