Monkey forest (sacred)

Cute but...

Well it lived up to it’s name, there was a forest and it was filled with monkeys, macaques to be precise. They live pretty well off the food that the tourists bring, did see a few rather stout types lolling around. Word of advice don’t bring food in, the little gangster’s will demand it with menaces and believe me you don’t want to get bit. Hepatitis B is prevalent in crab eating macaques, and then there’s the rabies.

All that being said the girl and I had an uneventful walk through the forest, while the monkey’s kept their distance. Except of course for a little baby that ran up on my shoulder when I was kneeling down much to the amusement of Galina. Yep, children of the monkey god alright.

Looking across the temple courtyard

Siblings, orphans?

Mother and child

Shadow monkey

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