The last day

The city of light at the last

…and then it was a foggy morning in France, as we covered the last few kilometres to Paris.

Well the day didn’t exactly start as well as it ought… After battling our luggage through the Paris metro then trying to find the CdG shuttle bus we eventually got to the airport hotel, dropped our luggage off and were on our way back in to the city. And yes by that stage tempers (mine) were short, and yes words were said, but we made up on the Île de la Cité.


Opposite the statue of Henry IV on the Pont Neuf there’s a stairway leading down to the garden Vert Galent which fills the western point of the island.

So as we had time to kill on a hot summer afternoon we bought some bread, cheese and wine and headed down to sit at the western most tip of the garden underneath the willows, and watch the sunset along the Seine.


Then a quiet walk back along the Seine as dusk fell. Tomorrow we part, Galina heading off to Nottingham on sabbatical and myself heading back to work in Newcastle.






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