Madrid’s golden triangle

When too much culture is barely enough…
Of course we had to visit Madrid’s golden triangle of art, so we did.

There’s not a whole lot of point in describing the collections other than to say if you like Dali, Picasso, the Impressionists or the Renaissance it’s all here.

The Prado Museum (“Museo del Prado”) is big on pre-20th century art. Goya’s Black Paintings hang here as does Las Meninas by Velasquez, and an unexpected opportunity to compare the Velasquez original with Picasso’s interpretation in the Museo Picasso.

The Reina Sofia on the other hand is all about the ‘shock of the new’ with its 20th century collection, worth a visit for Picasso’s Guernica alone.

Finally the Thyssen (and my favourite) covers just about everything, is very well curated, and nearly fills in the gaps in the other two collections. The girl was much enamored of Thyssen’s Impressionist collection.


BTW The sculpture at the top is ‘Brushtroke’ by Roy Lichtenstein.

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