Dali in Barcelona

Girl with flowerRhinoceros and Lobsters in the Gothic Quarter

After Casa Batllo we headed down to the Barrí Gòtic for a bite to eat (and sangrias) then, with a little bit of difficulty, found our way through the back streets to the Dali exhibition of the Real Círculo Artístico museum (Carrer Arcs, 5).

The museum holds about 40 of his ‘lost wax’ sculptures as well as about 900 or so drawings, watercolours and lithographs. The skill of these creations is always impressive, although unlike other artists you never see Dali’s work progress in a linear fashion, instead there’s just a regular tidal movement of recurring themes.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to find the museum these days, apparently the museum owners lost out in a legal tussle with the Dali Gala foundation. If it is still open, you’ll find it just off Cathedral square.

Like Andy Warhol, Dali was the master self promoter and shameless huckster, with a result that the Dali artwork market is just slightly, well, dodgy… So do enjoy the exhibits for what they are but don’t worry to much about the provenance. Anyway who could pass up the odd lobster phone or grumpy rhinoceros!

IMG_6376 ... And Rhinoceros! The man from la Mancha Flying, swimming, reptile birdy thing... IMG_6379 IMG_6377 HeadNude ..and lobsters

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