Passing through Girona

And to the south again…

From Arles we drove to Montpellier to drop off our hire car and catch the TGV to Figueres. Travelling can be interesting in the oddest ways. Why do you pay as you leave a french tollway, but do the reverse in Australia? Then pay for your fuel before you fill your car in France, but again do the reverse in Australia?

Arriving in Montpellier I found out that the slight bump in the car-park at Arles was me scraping the rear bumper on a wall, oops… and damn there goes the deposit. Note to other travellers, Eurocar are great as long as everything goes fine, otherwise, not so much.

We got ourselves (and our luggage) onto the French TGV and blasted out of Gare St Roche on our way to Figueres Spain where there’s a transfer to the RENFE high-speed train. The Figureres stop is only about 10 minutes, but as all you have to do is walk across the platform from one train to the other that’s plenty of time. Not quite enough to visit the Dali museum cum mausoleum (a local lad), maybe next time.


The trip takes about five hours and you can see the countryside, and climate, change as you travel southwards. Quite by accident I snapped the picture below as we jumped the Onyar river at Girona, something you can’t do in an A330 at 30,000 ft. Time 8:23 pm, arrival time Barcelona Sants 9:45 pm, a new country, a new city and not a word of spanish between us… 🙂

Girona (passing over the Onyar) in the evening light...

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