The Fountains of Versailles

Versailles by Night

The last evening of our last night in Paris and we were on the RER train again for our second and evening visit to Versailles.We’d packed our wet weather gear as well as dinner in the form of bread rolls and a bottle of wine (heavily disguised) and just as well we did on both counts.

We arrived in the early evening and wandered the grounds enjoying both the views of the garden in the gloaming and the fire and water works of each of the groves and fountains.

The rain held of (mostly) but when a shower came through we’d press ourselves against the high hedges to shelter from the worst then move on when the rain eased away. Somehow that made the evening even more fun.

Looking across the ornamental ponds at the palace’s garden facade there’s a slightly Venetian feel to the palace, with its Italianate roof and balustrade.

The fountain of Daybreak at nightfall, the sculpture is Houzeau’s Fighting Animals: Bloodhound Killing a Stag.

Looking back from the Tapis Vert towards the Latona fountains on the terrace above with the palace in the background listening to the classical music.

Looking down the Tapis Vert to the Apollo fountains at the head of the Grand Canal.

And a fire show with a clearing sky to the west but rain clouds overhead.

Apollo in his chariot of gilded lead with the fountains dancing in time to the music.

The Colonnade grove, one of the many throughout the garden. The group of statues in the centre depict Prosperine being ravished by Pluto. Oh and of course lasers and fog.

The Obelisk fountain, which (I think) is named because of the shape of the fountain…

Entering the Encelade, the fountain depicts the fall of the Titans from Mount Olympus which they tried to climb. The statue is of a giant in his death throes half buried in the rocks. Cheery subject.

And, up in the sky, fireworks at the end. Then it was home to Montmartre for a very early start to catch the TGV to Nice.

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