Versailles (Part IV) De par la Reine


The English Garden of Marie Antoinette

“Here I put a comma, there, when it’s necessary to cut the view, I put a parenthesis; there I end it with a period and start on another theme.”,” so said Capability Brown that great landscape architect of the 18th century.

One of the unexpected pleasures of the Trianon’s is being able to walk between the centuries as you amble through the gardens of the two.

Wandering through the Petite Trianon’s English garden you see the 18th centuries romantic movement’s celebration of the wildness of nature and it’s ability to inspire.



And now compare this to the statement of control and mastery that the confident Enlightenment geometry of the Grande Trianon garden makes.

Then there’s the Temple of Love, neo-classical kitsch yes (maybe a first) but still I can’t help liking it.


And of course there’s always the opportunity for sight gags…


Imagine sitting out here on a summer evening with the other dinner guests of Marie Antoinette…


Finally there’s Marie Antoinette’s ‘toy’ farm, the lady has got a lot of stick for her farm and dressing up, much of it undeserved. Just remember that the victors get to write history their way.


Hmm, not entirely sure what my girl from the Soviet Union makes of all this Ancient Regime excess.



Then as the evening closed in we made our way slowly home. Adieu Sun King.


Postcript. As it turns out we’ll be back. We found out that there’s an evening light and water show with all the fountains fired up. 🙂

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