Versailles (Part II) The Grand Canal


Kicking Back on the Grand Canal

The garden of Versailles is laid out along monumental lines, so after admiring the garden’s titanic perspectives from the steps of the Chateux we decided to take the electric train down to the other end of the garden.

We hopped off at Little Venice where you can look round the corner back towards the Basin of Apollo and the Chateux beyond or up the canal to the Grand Trianon in the other direction.


One of the neat things about Little Venice is there’s a nest of rowboats in the pool that you can hire and go for a row on the Canal. In the old days you could also go skating or take a sleigh up and down the canal in winter. There used to be Gondola’s stationed hear, a gift of the Venetians to Louis XIV, hence the name.


When we hopped out the day was starting to cool and a thunderstorm was coming up out of the south threatening rain. But we manage to convince each other that it was really hot and that ice cream was definitely in order, after all it was almost lunchtime.


Of course when you’re sitting on the edge of the Grand Canal, eating ice cream and swinging your feet over the water you’re not really expecting a visit by some monsters from the deep. πŸ™‚


Having finished lunch we walked up through the tree lined avenue that crosses the garden towards towards our next destination, the Grande Trianon.


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