To the Great Men and Women…

Well I mentioned at the start that this day turned out to be our Día de los Muertos in Paris so we ended our day at the Pantheon.

Even getting there was fun, walking up from the Luxembourg through rain slicked parisian streets, with the neo-classical dome of the Pantheon looming up in front against a bruised sky.

The pantheon bit refers to all the greats of French literature, philosophy and science, Voltaire, Dumas, Zola and Curie amongst others. Madame Curie deserves a mention as she’s the only woman interred in the Pantheon who’s there because of her achievements alone. Hmmm, so in two hundred odd years only one woman was worthy of internment? Really?

As to the Pantheon itself, architecturally the stand out is Soufflout’s hidden masterpiece of a triple dome that gives a view of through the occulus of the inner dome to the frescoed ceiling of the second and middle dome.

As the hour was late after briefly admiring the La Convention Nationale (with the rather embarrassing hand salutes on the left) Galina and I separated, Galina to visit the crypt and I to visit an exhibition on jean-Jacques Rousseau and the arts.

We’d agreed to meet again at Foucalt’s pendulum. Which, as all you nerdy science types will know, is how Foucalt demonstrated that the earth rotates, by establishing that the pendulum is swinging in a non inertial frame of reference, ergo the earth rotates.

Then out onto the steps of the Pantheon and a rainy Paris afternoon.

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