Rodin’s Garden


A visit to the Hotel Biron on a hot summer day.

Right next door to Les Invalides, that’s the dome peeping over the garden wall above, is the former house and studio of Rodin. The house is on the metro (get off at Varenne) so it’s easy to get to if you want to visit, and do! Rodin used Biron as his studio while he was living at Villa des Brillants his ‘out of Paris’ house. Oh and Rodin’s muse, confidant and eventually lover, the sculptress Camille Claudel, also worked here.

After paying a quite reasonable entrance fee, ah Paris you are the city of entrance fees, we walked through the rose garden to the open air cafe where we had some lunch. Then we strolled through the formal garden, my favourite is the long walk under the trees, until we returned to the museum where we caught the Marble and Flesh exhibitition (including The Kiss).

We finished our visit by exploring Rodin’s house including his collection of then contemporary artists, Renoir, Camille Claudel and Van Gogh amongst others. Worth it for the works of Camille Claudel alone.

A museum on the human scale and a perfect counter balance to that vast artistic leviathan called the Louvre that’s beached itself on the other side of the Seine.










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