Musee d’Orsay


We came to the paintings, and the paintings were there.

Arriving on the doorstep of the Musee D’Orsay and decided to sit down on the front steps and have lunch, which we’d brought from home.

Hint if your trying to travel cheaply in Paris, bring a bottle of water and make up your lunch. We waved our online tickets around, another hint, and zoomed through the ‘these guys are organized and have their tickets’ queue.

The museum is a renovated train station with the main concourse forming the central hall of the museum.


From the front you can look through the face of the clock out to the Seine and the right bank. Kind of reminds me of a scene from Scorsese’s Hugo, or maybe the Coen brother’s Hudsucker proxy. 🙂


So what’d I think about the D’Orsay? To find such a concentration of Impressionist paintings, under one roof is just a little overwhelming to take in in one visit. Did I ever think I’d see this in my life? No, which added to the unreality.

I found myself walking around in a slight daze going, ‘oh look there’s a…’, and ‘hey that’s his…’ or ‘oh look it’s the…’ And no, photographs really don’t do the works themselves justice.

My only criticism is that the exhibits were organized around donated collections, rather than being curated into period or artist. So you’re left with the feeling that you may have missed something. Enough for a second visit I think…

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