A Walk Along the Seine

Is there anything better than walking along the banks of Seine on a warm summer afternoon with your love? Answer, nothing.

Now add the tattered riches of the bouquinistes green boxes to investigate…

The  bouquinistes have been plying their second hand and rare books along the banks of the Seine since the 17th century, leading to the saying that the Seine is the only river that runs between two bookshelves. For a colonial like me it’s a little daunting that everywhere is so much, well, history…

Six hundred green boxes, 300, 000 second hand books and who knows how many stamps, photographs and posters, you could browse here forever.

Or you can absorb yourself in the coming and going of river traffic, after all there’s nothing half so worth doing as messing about in boats (or watching them)…

Wherever you go in Paris you find these little moments when all of a sudden you smile.

The Louvre was closed (it’s a Tuesday), but that turned out to be a bit of luck as it gave us a chance to explore the Cour Napoleon, without the masses of people who normally fill it.

The new, the Louvre Pyramid. The pyramid and the underground lobby below were created because the Louvre’s existing entrance couldn’t cope with the shear volume of visitors. So it’s not just a decorative work of art but also a very practical piece of traffic management, Le Corbusier would be proud.

And the old, a water spout outside Pavillon Sully.

Finally we reached the Pont Royal and crossed back across to the left bank on our way to the Musee D’Orsay. Uh oh, Chongo, Impressionism Island ahead!

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