Mr Eiffel’s Monster


In high season the best time to visit Monsieur Eiffel’s tower is either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds. Ah Paris, the city of queues.

If you want to shorten your time queuing you can climb the 1652 stairs to the second platform then ascend via the glass elevator. Ah Paris, also the city of of a thousand stairs.

As one of the two tower lifts was out when we got there, getting there early and doing the climb turned out to be a very good idea.


And there’s nothing that tells you that you’re on your honeymoon more than looking at the view from the Eiffel tower… 🙂


While the tower does feel a little like something from the pages of a H.G. Wells novel, right at the top the tower’s all business, serving as a major communication hub for Paris. Mr Eiffel would be proud.


Though I have to admit I like the unexpected perspectives of the tower you get wandering through the park the best.


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