Red Windmills & Metro Passes

Walking down the hill at Montmartre following the funicular then down the rue de Steinkerque you quickly descend into the slightly edgier part of Montmartre.


While it’s been cleaned up the area still has it’s fair share of sex shops and emporiums. But on an early monday morning all you’ll see is yawning commuters on their way to work and the locals sitting out and having that first coffee.

And of course there’s the red windmill made famous by everyone from Tolus Lautrec to er our Nicole.


There’s actually two more windmills back up the hill but you don’t tend to hear much about them, compared to their famous rouge cousin.

So we wandered along the line of the metro looking for a station big enough to sell a Paris Visitors pass (answer Blanche).

Of course in the process we almost brought the local commuter service to its knees, luckily, and contrary to reputation, Parisians seem quite patient with tourists. πŸ™‚

Next stop the big E.

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