Montmatre the First Night

Having negotiated Charles de Gaulle and the Paris Metro we found ourselves outside the door of 71 Rue Lamark, Montmatre.

Obtaining the keys from Brigitte our land lady for our flat we decided to go for a walk up through the back streets looking for the Clos Montmatre, a tiny little vineyard that only makes a couple of hundred bottles a year.


Well we managed to overshoot and ended up at Montmatre cemetery then worked our way back to Sacred Couer which on a sunday afternoon is touristy Paris ground zero. But what a view.



Finally we gave up and were retracing our steps when we rounded a corner saw the street name Rue St Vincent and…


Not to mention tripping over the Lapin Agile Cabaret which on the opposite side of the street.


Then we had dinner at a cafe on la rue Calinncourt and walked back through the the gloaming you our home for the next 7 days.

Thought for the day, navigating the streets of Montmatre is like finding your way in a Belle Epoch labyrinth which subtly changes as you walk through it…

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