Sunset over the Brokenback

Sunset over the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges after a very pleasant day spent touring the Hunter valley vineyards with the doctor wife and the two AWs.


Originally we’d plan to attend the Lovedale long lunch, an annual ‘travelling’ lunch hosted by a number of Hunter wineries but this year the draconian responsible serving of alcohol rules, increased cost and general degeneration of a civilized event for genuine wine lovers into a western suburbs bacchanalia by bus tour saw us desert the Lovedale in favour of holding our own anti-Lovedale on the quiet side of the valley.

Oh yes, and the geology? The Brokenback ranges were formed by the Hunter-Mooki thrust fault which pushed them up when the fault was very active. There’s basalt strips throughout the area that record that active vulcanism. The whole region sits on the transition of the early permian New England fold belt and the Mid Triassic of the sydney basin to the south…

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