Why The UK’s Daily Mail is Truly, Deeply Crazy

And dangerously so…

The Daily Mail recently published an article purporting to show no new warming in 15 years based on UK Met office recently published data. Of course the figures say nothing of the sort. For a full debunking of the Mail’s denialist craziness see the comprehensive rebuttal article at Skeptical Science, I especially enjoyed Figure 2.

But to finish with a quote from the usually staid UK Met office.

“This article includes numerous errors in the reporting of published peer reviewed science undertaken by the Met Office Hadley Centre and for Mr. Rose to suggest that the latest global temperatures available show no warming in the last 15 years is entirely misleading.”

For ‘entirely misleading’ read Mr Rose, you sir are a liar. 🙂

Sad to say the old Mail seems to have contentedly fallen into orbit around planet ‘climate change denial’, and is happily shilling their lunacy.

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