The Top Ten Weather Events of 2011

Well it’s official, NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has awarded Australia third place in their top ten of globally significant climate/weather events.

If you’re wondering what, ‘Australia is the most vulnerable first world country when it comes to climate change’ really means, getting into NOAA’s top ten list on a regular basis would be it…

There’s more from NOAA below the cut.

I quote from the chaps at NOAA.

La Niña, which is defined by cooler-than-normal waters in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean that affects weather patterns around the globe, was present during much of 2011. A relatively strong phase of La Niña opened the year, then dissipated in the spring before re-emerging in October and lasting through the end of the year. When compared to previous La Niña years, the 2011 global surface temperature was the warmest observed during such a year.

The 2011 globally-averaged precipitation over land was the second wettest year on record, behind 2010. Precipitation varied greatly across the globe. La Niña contributed to severe drought in the Horn of Africa and to Australia’s third wettest year in its 112-year period of record.

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