A Lesson in Perspective

Well constant reader my fiancé is currently hunting Yetis* in the mountain wildernesses of Nepal. So after a last text from Kathmandu, nothing but silence for the last two weeks. No Twitter, definitely no Facebook posts and as for 3G coverage in the Hindu Kush? Forget about it.

Which is, for a technorati like myself, not a little unnerving. I find myself wondering at the oddest times, Is she OK? How was her day? Is she suffering from altitude sickness? Is her party snowed in in the high passes? You know, the usual domestic concerns…

As I’ve always been the traveller I find that being the one left at home gives you a very different perspective, and one that I’m not entirely comfortable with. Where the streetlights stop one can all to easily walk into the unknown and just simply…disappear. Maybe we need to be reminded of the limits of our oh so sophisticated western sensibilities on a regular basis.

Counting the days, counting the days…

*Oh all right, I know they’re a protected species.

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