Nick Cave Tribute Concert

So after an hours  wait, grrrr, the concert kicked off with (what else) a blistering rendition of Red Right Hand by Kram. Some interesting reworking of the canon of St Cave, some great others not so much. I did like their versions of Henry Lee, Red Right Hand and People are Just No Good. But they didn’t cover I’ll Love You Till the End of the World… which would have been preferable to The Wild Rose, really, really preferable…

For the trainspotters, here’s a list of the artists, Abbe May, Adalita, Alex Burnett (Sparkadia), Bertie Blackman, Dan Sultan, Jake Stone (Bluejuice), Johnny Mackay (Children Collide), Kram (Spiderbait), Lanie Lane, Lisa Mitchell, Muscles and Urthboy (The Herd).

Overall an entertaining evening spent with an amiable crowd whose demographic was all over the place.

Three stars 🙂

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