Event Horizons, Gravity Drives and Ezekial

It just occurred to me that the gravity drive from Event Horizon (the film and the star ship) bears an uncanny resemblance to the prophet Ezekial’s vision of ‘Wheels Within Wheels’. Interesting considering the door between the worlds that the drive inadvertently opened up.

Event Horizon was disturbing, claustrophobic and creepy when I first saw it and that feeling has remained with me on subsequent viewings. A large part of that undoubtedly due to the design of the Event Drive and engineering space of the ship itself, it’s a wilderness of cutting edges and spikes ready to rip gouge and impale, exuding malice and the promise of suffering from the get go..

Now I do have to ask, minor quibble, given what it looked like didn’t the engineers and scientists building that thing realise they were constructing an engine of pure evil? 🙂

I’m assured that the Hadron Super Collider at CERN looks absolutely nothing like Event Horizon’s gravity drive. Although exactly where are those tachyons going?

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