Hong Kong and Kowloon 2008

In 2008 I travelled to Hong Kong at the start of a project to produce New (Phase IV) Light Rail Vehicles for MTR. The trip was interesting, to say the least. The project was interesting, to say even less. But I did manage to snap a couple of photo’s across the trip.

View from the hotel rooftop back across Hong Kong bay. When I got stressed out by the contract negotiations I’d come up here and burn some laps in the pool.

Inside an MTR train depot, it’s interesting to note MTR makes it’s real money from real estate. They build a train station then on top they build apartments, shopping precincts and so on. Then they make money on the real estate plus the fares revenue from the new commuters which they role back into the network.
Most of the time trains are actually stabled in the depots rather than working the network because a metro system is sized to deal with the commuter rush.View at night back to HK island. At night Hong Kong lights up like a harlequin, a very different sensibility to the utilitarian modernism of the West. I actually stayed on my honeymoon just up the road towards the White Star ferry terminal.

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